Risk Management

Risk Management Services

Organizational Risk Assessment
An organization’s overall risk assessment considers the risks associated with all identified business activities of a banking organization. Management input is included within the parameters of the analysis. The process involves the identification and assignment of a risk score and rating (high, moderately-high, moderate, low) for each business activity. After all activities have been identified and rated, they are individually ranked according to their overall risk score.
• Interest Rate Risk and A/L Management
Analytics can be applied to the risk factors for changing investment values that are a result of a change in the absolute level of interest rates, in the spread, in the shape of the yield curve or in any other interest rate relationship. Such changes usually affect securities inversely and recommendations to take a variety of actions, such as diversification, can be made.
• Note Operations and Loan Services
We work with the fundamental aspects of a banking organization’s operating systems , their operating managers and their types of operations. We then utilize tools we have developed in order to help diagnose and solve common note operations and loan services problems and challenges.
• Money Laundering and Terrorism
We assist with issues surrounding government compliance requirements regarding BSA (Bank Secrecy Act), OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) and the USA Patriot Act. We are able to provide guidelines and recommendations for reporting on large cash transactions and suspicious activities, as well as identity and sanctions verification.
• Corporate Disaster Contingency Planning
A serious incident can occur at any time, one that can prevent sustaining normal business operations. We can develop plans that can be implemented during and after a disaster that will mitigate the consequences of a severe business disruption. Incidents can range from natural disasters such as floods and fires to serious computer systems malfunctions or information security breaches. We understand how to help clients recover in the minimum amount of time with minimum disruption and cost, but this requires careful preparation and planning for both the disaster and the recovery.