Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting Services

Centralized/Corporate, Regional, Branch Operations
An overall review of corporate operations, that is all basic actions undertaken to enhance an organization’s basic business interests, profits, assets, etc., can be performed. These reviews typically include examining all day-to-day operations and specific services or facilities offered by individual branches, regional groups and/or at the corporate level.
• Fiduciary Services
We provide consulting in the areas of trust administration and operations, investment management and trust systems to support our client organizations’ priorities, whether they are involved in personal or institutional asset management, or both.
• Merchant Card Services
Our analysis of this portfolio of services includes examining and then recommending best-practice solutions in the area of.transactional payments by use of: credit or debit cards, electronic benefits transfer programs, electronic checks, gift and loyalty cards and merchant cash advances.
• ACH Operations
We can ensure that an institution’s Automated Clearing House Network’s processing and delivery system is providing for the most efficient distribution and settlement of electronic credits and debits and that all is in compliance according to NACHA Operating Rules.
• ATM STAR System Network Certifications
BankVision is ATM STAR certified. We can provide all support and strategic services that are required to ensure that an institution obtains and retains certification and is in compliance. We can also assist with the same for NYCE and Pulse.
• Compliance Training
We can provide compliance training, including educating any level of staff on the laws, regulations and company policies that apply to the proper execution of day-to-day job responsibilities. The objectives of this training are: 1) to avoid and/or detect violations by employees that could lead to legal liability; 2) to create a more hospitable and respectful workplace overall; and 3) to lay the groundwork for a partial or complete legal defense in the event that employee wrongdoing occurs, despite the organization’s best efforts at compliance training.